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Will Writing Services in Belfast

PJ McGrory & Co Solicitors are based in Belfast and provide services to Crumlin, Antrim, Downpatrick, and the surrounding areas.

Wills and probate related legal issues

It's always best to be prepared for what may or may not be around the corner. When you write a will you want to know that it is legally compliant and official in every way possible. P.J. McGrory & Co can ensure that your will is legally written and therefore ensure that there can be no dispute regarding your wishes upon your death. We will also advise on preparing a Power of Attorney. In addition, we can advise on Probate so get in touch today to book an appointment.

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Probate Services

Writing your will is important, as is having an executor to that will. We provide probate services, whereby upon your death, we can prove the validity of your will and ensure that your requests are thenceforth carried out.

Our wills and probate services include:

  • Planning your children’s future inheritance

  • Drafting and making wills

  • Assistance with estate management after death

  • Probate

  • Preparing a Power of Attorney

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Expert probate services

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